Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Year End Results

High Point Overall   
same horse & rider accumulated points ( score x level ridden)
1st Place -               Tammy Mercer   on WRA Dark Diablo  (2659)
2nd Place -               Nicole Vaugeois   on El Nino (2592.5)
3rd Place –             Diane Prinsen   on Zinfandel Macho Dude (2238.5)
4th Place –             Kevin Gourlay   on Thunderbolt (2292)
5th Place –             Kylee Paull   on Veritaz  (1702)
6th Place –               Del Lenk   on Lyndales Bambaya (1666)
7th Place – Jo Hull-Sykes   on Maverick (1656)
8th Place – Lori Bezwa   on Trubadors Al Jazaan (1629)
9th Place – Nicola Maughn   on Bart (1442.5)
10th Place - Katie Schoor   on Cody (1171)

High Point Heavy Weight Division
same horse & rider accumulated points ( score plus mileage  x level ridden)
1st Place - Diane Prinsen   on Zinfandel Macho Dude (2522.55)
2nd Place -   Tammy Mercer   on WRA Dark Diablo  (2295.2)
3rd Place - Del Lenk   on Lyndales Bambaya (1818)
4th Place - Jo Hull-Sykes   on Maverick (1795)
5th Place - Blane Hill    on KF Firenaska (1254)
6th Place - Lisa Beeston   on Renovare Billy Lady Wies (1177)
7th Place - Debbie Cole   on Awesome Dean (1148.5)
8th Place - Christina Young   on JMV Maestro UB (912.5)
9th Place - Nellie Roukema   on Rhythm Bay (880.05)
10th Place - Heather Bradshaw   on H Thunder ‘n Lightning (643.2)

High Point Light Weight Division
same horse & rider accumulated points ( score plus mileage  x level ridden)
1st Place – Nicole Vaugeois   on El Nino (2866.7)
2nd Place – Lori Bezwa   on Trubadors Al Jazaan (1861.05)
3rd Place – Kylee Paull   on Veritaz (1861)
4th Place – Nicola Maugh   on Bart (1614.55)
5th Place – Miki Dekel   on Kool Hand Luke (1149.05)
6th Place – Ann Mackay   on Dante (1015.05)
7th Place – Joanne Macaluso   on Cinco (991.05)
8th Place – June Melhish   on White Sox Victor (967.05)
9th Place – Phyllis Payne   on Northern Flaire (623.5)
10th Place – Bev Lewis   on Kira (618.5)
High Point Junior Weight Division
same horse & rider accumulated points ( score plus mileage  x level ridden)
1st Place –                Kevin Gourlay   on Thunderbolt (2505)
2nd Place –                Katie Schoor   on Cody (1271)

Mileage Awards
1,000 miles                        Bruce Christison  
500 miles                           Phyllis Payne & Nicole Vaugeois
300 miles                             Katie Schoor,  Kerri-Lynne Wilson & Lynn De Vries
250 miles                             Jo Hull-Sykes
100 miles                             Debbie Cole, Joni Dewitt , Kevin Gourlay,  Nicola      Maughn, Kylee Paull   and  Diane Prinsen,

Lil Schmidt High Mileage Award
 Tammy Mercer and Nicole Vaugeios  (each with 117.6  miles)

Gordon Sydney Memorial Award  Nicole Vaugeois 
Volunteer of the Year  Barb Smith
Sportsperson of the Year  Joanne Macaluso
Rookie of the Year Award  Kylee Paull


APPALOOSA: Kool Hand Luke   owned by Miki Dekel (1056.75)
ARABIAN: WRA Dark Diablo  owned by Tammy Mercer  (2659)
PART-BRED ARABIAN: KF Firenaska   owned by Blane Hill (1144)
CANADIAN: Renovare Billy Lady Wies   owned by Lisa Beeston (1090)
MORGAN: JMV Maestro UB   owned by Christina Young (1135)
MORAB: no horse eligible
GAITED: no horse eligible
GRADE: El Nino    owned by Nicole Vaugeois (2592.5)
QUARTER-HORSE: Zinfandel Macho Dude   owned by Diane Prinsen (2238.5)

Competitive Trail Ride of the Year
(Tied)   Morningstar  and  Sasquatch Scurry

Senior Horse of the Year Award
No nomination submitted

Combined Mileage Incentive Award
Lori Bewza  

Best Young Horse of the Year Award
 WRA Dark Diablo    owned by Tammy Mercer

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sasquatch Scurry—submitted by Karen Eigler

The Sasquatch Scurry Competitive Trail Ride was recently held at John and Karen Eigler’s farm in the Dove Creek area.  On October 1st and 2nd, twenty three riders participated in this event, many travelling up from Nanaimo and Victoria, and several riders from the Comox Valley.  The trails selected, were easy, well-groomed and well marked making this CTR a welcome competition for the end of the season and for those who are just beginning to learn about the sport of competitive trail.  The ride, Sasquatch Scurry is named after their rides mascot, a small stuffy Sasquatch, that likes to hide somewhere on the trail during the competition.  Not only does the rider need to concentrate on the marked trail they are following, but they must keep their eyes peeled to find the elusive little Yeti and report back to the Eigler’s on his whereabouts and other specific details.  Adding some fun and humour into this event is a great way to enhance the already popular sport of competitive trail riding.
The competitive trail ride is a sanctioned event of BC Competitive Trail Riders’ Association, and is a non-profit equine sport.  At each BC ride, the top six riders in each level and weight division receive a beautiful rosette ribbon.  In addition to ribbons, CTR Ride Managers, generally try to have special prizes for all their riders and this is why they appreciate the support of local business’ that donate items for the prize table, or help by giving store discounts towards quantities of specific items.  The Sasquatch Scurry is no different, and the Eigler’s are very thankful for their sponsor’s at South Country Feed, Brazen Sportswear/Hitec Printing, The Dollar Store, Shar-Kare, Curves For Women, Christy’s Saddlebags Consignment, and Zellers’.  Thanks to the many volunteers and especially our vets for their time, Dr. Peter Parke, Dr. Yaela Gluesteen and Dr. Caroline Horsley.  Thanks also to the neighbouring landowners and CV Regional District for allowing the riders to use specific trails for this event. For more information on competitive trail rides and events planned for 2012, riders should keep checking the BCCTRA website at or contact their BCCTRA Area Director for more details.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Unsung Heros by Lynn de Vries

Trails are the main stay of our very existence as trail riders. If you are luck like I am, you will have a dedicated trail volunteer in your area. If you ride the areas of Grace Road in Chemainus, Spruston Road in Nanaimo, or Copper Canyon, more than likely you are riding on trails that have been kept open by Bruce Christison. I first met Bruce way back in the early 90’s  where we both competed in competitive trail.  I fell I love with the riding areas of Grace Road/Chemainus River and I would marvel at the dedication Bruce put into trail maintenance - all volunteer.
A couple of years ago, when Bruce no longer had a horse, he would still dedicate his time to ensuring the trails were open. It pretty well broke my heart to see some of the trails get bushier and some vanish all together. So, two years ago,  with two good horses of my own, I offered Bruce to ride Sweet Georgia. Now with purpose and pleasure, over the past two years I am grateful for the time and effort Bruce puts into trail maintenance. He has a serious pair of loppers he carries on the back of the saddle - and nothing stands in this man’s way when it comes to trails. There were a couple of special trails I asked him to open up, and he did. If you rode the BCCTRA Chemainus Ride this year, you would have been on several of his re-established trails. One day I asked him to walk a trail with me up at Spruston Road. It was an old bike trail that had little use due to a couple of big windfalls. It was time to cut them out this year and so off we went, him packing the power saw and me packing the axe. Sure enough, we came to the big fir that was hung up high and as luck would have it, the saw got pinched. Undaunted by that, the fir tree was beaten to death with the axe and the power saw finally fell out. I smile when I ride by and see the tree with the axe and saw cuts. If not working on the trails from horseback, Bruce ventures out with his friends on ATV’s and ensures they are clear. My hat goes off to this quiet hard working dedicated man - I hope you are as luck as I am. Thanks Bruce.

A post note - congratulations to Bruce on his 1000 mile award this year!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Morningstar ride summary by Nancy Gourlay

The first CTR at Morningstar Farm on July 29, 30, 31 was a success with 23 riders participating in 17-mile level 1, and 24-mile level 2 rides. The weather had been unseasonably wet in July so we had a few “bogs” that challenged horse’s shoes and boots, but kept our farrier busy!  Many new trails had been created for this event which took riders through heritage farm land, creek sides, around the airport and through various forests – some quite scary. We were also treated to a wine & cheese tasting by the artisans themselves and farmer Clarke gave everyone a tour of a working dairy farm. The pleasure ride saw local riders joining to check out the new trail system and a good time was had by all. We hope to do it again next year.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


OK everybody, help Tammy Mercer (our Prez) win a nice horse package for her essay. If you are on Facebook go to:!/photo.php?fbid=223442841000949&set=a.217381391607094.63170.152903214721579&type=1&theater and click on Tammy's picture (bottom left - she has a black horse) and click LIKE button.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giddy-Up Gogo - Volunteers

Hi all,

If you can't ride at this upcoming CTR perhaps you would like to come out and volunteer? We really appreciate people with horse skills helping out!

We need 2 or 3 drag riders (last horse out to follow the trail to make sure no one is injured or lost etc.). The drag riders would have to be competent trail riders with horses capable of riding up to 40 miles but slower than race pace.

We also need P&R crews etc.

We would need a firm commitment to time available and positions. Many people have offered pending their work schedules/camping schedules etc but we can't have people backing out last minute because they are called in to work.

Volunteers would need to be available on Friday June 10 at around 2pm for a volunteer orientation to get prepared for duties. Vet checks begin at 4pm.

Please email me if you can volunteer.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Giddy-Up Gogo CTR Now 30% FULL

To avoid disappointment, send in your application forms for Giddy-Up Gogo CTR and Pleasure Ride. The CTR is now 30% full and we still have 7 weeks until the competition. The CTR is capped at 40 riders.

The only way to confirm your spot is to send in your application with signed waiver and cheque.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Any questions contact me at


Sunday, April 10, 2011

BCCTRA Training Ride - March 27

By Joanne Schneider

Four members of BCCTRA participated in the 2 – 2.25 hour ride on Sunday March 27. There were challenges for both rider and horse. The first hour of the ride was through more wider trails giving both riders and horses a chance to settle in. Still in that first hour we went under a train tressle, through a creek , up a long gradual road where we took the opportunity to do some trotting, we crossed two foot bridges, past a large culvert and went through a muddy goey scarry large puddle. All the horses were great. After following more trails through the bush we crossed out onto the logging road and began the second half of the ride – which in my opinion was the funnest part. Mostly uphill , cross a nice clear shallow stream, up a bank and then up and up. Weaving through trees, watching our knees, ducking around low limbs, up a long 1.5’ wide trail along side a steep bank (many thanks to the dirt bikers who built a lot of the trail we were now covering!). Emerging at the top of a forested hill was a clearing surrounding by Arbutus trees and containing a large compound made with saplings tied together for wind buffers, a fire pit in the middle (I’m sure for seasonal use), and of course a blue tarped lean to -- which just happened to flap when the last rider – Kerri Lynne on her young 5 year old was just going past ! We all heard it and held our breaths. He was a trooper and didn’t react. After taking a breather and taking in the surroundings, we carried on down a trail to an old forestry road, then back around and up another winding trail I have jokingly nicknamed “The Crime Scene Trail” - as there is lots of the yellow tape strung across wrong turns or loose banks. There are tight turns and a mossy rock face to cross bringing us back to the compound. From there we retraced our steps back – so down hill now and down the long steep narrow trail - back to the main logging road (at this point a light rain started to fall) . We used the last kilometer of road as a cool down before arriving at the horsetrailers. We were all too busy riding to take photos, but on the cooldown managed to snap a couple photos.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning about Hoof Health

On March 16, Shane Sampson and Mark Hobby delivered an informative talk on hoof health for members of the equestrian community as part of the BCCTRA Equine Education Series. Approximately 15 people showed up to learn about how the hoof and foot are put together, what happens to them when riding, and how to maintain hoof health.

They tailored the talk to educate long distance riders - which was very helpful. Building upon ideas introduced from Andrea's talk in the first session, they talked about basic hoof comformation and how it can potentially limit performance. For example, Shane stressed how a flat footed horse has more difficulty over long distances due to its inability to flex in the same way as a horse with a normal foot. Together, they also emphasized how important keeping a horses toes short is for ease of movement. Any extra length results in the horse having to work harder to come over and maintain fluid movement. For those in the audience that shoe, they handed out information and talked about what to look for in a good shoeing job - ensuring that there is support for the heel.

Everyone stayed long after the talk to ask them more questions and examine the models they brought. A great learning experience for everyone.

The next Equine Education session is April 13th slatted for 7 to 8:30 pm when Dr. Raegan Brendle will talk about April 13 "Recognition and Management of Metabolic Conditions in Equine Endurance Athletes" slated to take place at Vancouver Island University – Building 250 – Room 215 Nanaimo campus from 7 - 8:30 pm. Please note that if the University is still on strike, the talk will take place at the Broody Rooster Guesthouse and Gallery - 2980 Giovando Road, in Cedar. Check the VIU website to find out or call Nicole at 250-245-4405 or email at

Friday, March 4, 2011

Learning about biomechanics with Andrea Sargent

By Nicole Vaugeois

The Equine Educations series has begun! On Wednesday night at Vancouver Island University, we had the opportunity to learn about biomechanics from Dr. Andrea Sargent. Andrea is enthusiastic about what she does and shared a whirlwind of ideas with us in the 1.5 hour session. For those that couldn't attend - here are a couple of tidbits that I took away...

  • Competitive Trail is a great sport because it focuses on the fitness and conditioning of the horse. The way we judge our horses - 60% is based on biomechanics - which Andrea supported.
  • The way our horses is built can indicate a lot about their function - so structure can indicate functionality. At the same time, how our horses function over time, can also influence their structure.
  • She encourages horses to keep active - use it or lose it - as muscle maintenance is vital to support our horses movement.
  • She encouraged us to train our horses over varied terrain - this allows them to learn to use their body effectively, prior to competition.
  • She demonstrated how forward movement is a result of a bow and sling action - initiated in the hind end. The spine, if healthy, carries the movement generated in the hind end up and then out. If there are any structural issues with the spine, which can be caused by a number of things (conformation, poor saddle, poor riding...), then the energy gets blocked, diffused into the muscles and the horse will have to compensate in other ways to move forward.
  • She showed us a few images of horses conformation and indicated how the alignment of key joints in the hind and foreleg, can influence a horses movement.
  • And - the fun part, she demonstrated a few of these on our audience members!
On behalf of BCCTRA, thanks Andrea for your time and expertise. For those who missed the event, mark your calendar for March 16th when Shane Sampson will go into Hoof care with us. Same place, same time - Vancouver Island University at 7-8:30 pm in Building 250- room 215. Members are free and non members are $3 - and there are door prizes too!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Event calendar for 2011 is here!

Here it is, the 2011 calendar full of lots of education, riding and socializing opportunities. Mark your calendars as things start this week!

  • CTR- Competitive Trail Ride (competition over long distance for placing, mileage, use of BCCTRA rule book)

  • SR – Schooling ride (introductory clinic to competitive trail riding)

  • PR – Pleasure ride (recreational ride with education components, mileage)

  • RMW – Ride manager workshop (how to host a CTR workshop)

  • INFO - Booth providing information about CTR

  • AGM – Annual General Meeting

  • TR - *New for 2011 - Training Rides - MAXIMUM 15 RIDERS RSVP REQUIRED FOR ALL RIDES EHES - *New for 2011 - Equine Health Educational Series - no charge for members - all others $3.00
March 2nd -

Education series event: Biomechanics: A foundation for Injury Prevention and Optimal Performance with Dr. Andrea Sargent. Vancouver Island University – Building 250 – Room 215 Nanaimo campus from 7:00 - 8:30 pm

March 5th -

Training ride Back In The Saddle Jo Hull-Sykes - organizer 250-245-2852

March 16 -

Education series event No Foot – No Ride The importance of hoof health with Shane Sampson. VENUE CHANGE DUE TO STRIKE AT VIU - Now at the Broody Rooster Guesthouse and Gallery in Cedar/Yellowpoint - map at: Nanaimo campus from 7 - 8:30 pm Contact: 250-245-4405 or

March 27

Training ride NOTE DATE CHANGE Bush Creek Crossing, Ladysmith Joanne Schneider - organizer 250-245-5627

March 26

3rd annual Horse Bazaar-Lakeside Equestrian Centre Joanne Macalusco & Peter Reid 250-456-7320 250-395-3335 or

April 13

Recognition and Management of Metabolic Conditions in Equine Endurance Athletes by Dr. Raegan Brendle Vancouver Island University – Building 250 – Room 210 Nanaimo campus from 7 - 8:30 pm Contact: 250-245-4405 or Note if the Strike is still on (check then the event will be held at the Broody Rooster Guesthouse and Gallery at 2980 Giovando Road, Cedar ( for map)

April 16 -

Training Ride CANCELLED AS THE FIELDS ARE TOO WET Nanaimo – Takala Ranch 5735 Takla Rd, Ladysmith Doug and Mary Carr - organizers 250-245-4864

April 27

Understanding the TPR and tips for obtaining the most accurate values by Dr. Miranda Noseck. This talk will cover how to perform a basic physical exam on your horse. It will include how to take your horse's temperature, pulse and respiratory rate. It will also cover assessing hydration status, listening to gut sounds, and palpating for a pulse. As we learn how to obtain this information, we will cover what is normal versus what is abnormal. Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo campus - 250-room 210 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

June 10, 11, 12

CTR and PR 123 Giddy-Up Gogo-Nanaimo CTR manager - Kerri-Lynne Wilson - 250-245-4842 Co manager - Lisa Beeston 250-722-3443 PR manager (June 12th) Nicole Vaugeois 250-245-4405 or

July 2-3

CTR 123 Twincreeks, Duncan Michelle Balme 250-743-6192 Rhonda Hittinger

July 15-16

CTR 123 Sunset - Kelowna Myrna Thompson 250-317-8347

July 30-31

CTR 1,2 Morningstar - Parksville Nancy Gourlay 250-954-3941

August 12-13

CTR 123 Cariboo Plateau Joanne Macaluso 250-456-7320

Sept 25-26

CTR 123 Chemainus Michelle Balme 250-743-6192

Oct 2

CTR 123 Sasquatch Scurry Karen Eigler 250-338-6874

Oct 21-23

Booth at Mane Event, Chilliwack Jo-Hull-Sykes 250-245-2852

Oct 23

AGM 10:00 AM Oak Room - Best Western Rainbow Country Inn Chilliwack Tammy Mercer 250-335-3390 Note that there are a series of conference calls throughout the season but due to confidentiality the number is not posted here - members can check their email for more information on dates and call in.