Friday, April 22, 2011

Giddy-Up Gogo CTR Now 30% FULL

To avoid disappointment, send in your application forms for Giddy-Up Gogo CTR and Pleasure Ride. The CTR is now 30% full and we still have 7 weeks until the competition. The CTR is capped at 40 riders.

The only way to confirm your spot is to send in your application with signed waiver and cheque.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Any questions contact me at


Sunday, April 10, 2011

BCCTRA Training Ride - March 27

By Joanne Schneider

Four members of BCCTRA participated in the 2 – 2.25 hour ride on Sunday March 27. There were challenges for both rider and horse. The first hour of the ride was through more wider trails giving both riders and horses a chance to settle in. Still in that first hour we went under a train tressle, through a creek , up a long gradual road where we took the opportunity to do some trotting, we crossed two foot bridges, past a large culvert and went through a muddy goey scarry large puddle. All the horses were great. After following more trails through the bush we crossed out onto the logging road and began the second half of the ride – which in my opinion was the funnest part. Mostly uphill , cross a nice clear shallow stream, up a bank and then up and up. Weaving through trees, watching our knees, ducking around low limbs, up a long 1.5’ wide trail along side a steep bank (many thanks to the dirt bikers who built a lot of the trail we were now covering!). Emerging at the top of a forested hill was a clearing surrounding by Arbutus trees and containing a large compound made with saplings tied together for wind buffers, a fire pit in the middle (I’m sure for seasonal use), and of course a blue tarped lean to -- which just happened to flap when the last rider – Kerri Lynne on her young 5 year old was just going past ! We all heard it and held our breaths. He was a trooper and didn’t react. After taking a breather and taking in the surroundings, we carried on down a trail to an old forestry road, then back around and up another winding trail I have jokingly nicknamed “The Crime Scene Trail” - as there is lots of the yellow tape strung across wrong turns or loose banks. There are tight turns and a mossy rock face to cross bringing us back to the compound. From there we retraced our steps back – so down hill now and down the long steep narrow trail - back to the main logging road (at this point a light rain started to fall) . We used the last kilometer of road as a cool down before arriving at the horsetrailers. We were all too busy riding to take photos, but on the cooldown managed to snap a couple photos.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning about Hoof Health

On March 16, Shane Sampson and Mark Hobby delivered an informative talk on hoof health for members of the equestrian community as part of the BCCTRA Equine Education Series. Approximately 15 people showed up to learn about how the hoof and foot are put together, what happens to them when riding, and how to maintain hoof health.

They tailored the talk to educate long distance riders - which was very helpful. Building upon ideas introduced from Andrea's talk in the first session, they talked about basic hoof comformation and how it can potentially limit performance. For example, Shane stressed how a flat footed horse has more difficulty over long distances due to its inability to flex in the same way as a horse with a normal foot. Together, they also emphasized how important keeping a horses toes short is for ease of movement. Any extra length results in the horse having to work harder to come over and maintain fluid movement. For those in the audience that shoe, they handed out information and talked about what to look for in a good shoeing job - ensuring that there is support for the heel.

Everyone stayed long after the talk to ask them more questions and examine the models they brought. A great learning experience for everyone.

The next Equine Education session is April 13th slatted for 7 to 8:30 pm when Dr. Raegan Brendle will talk about April 13 "Recognition and Management of Metabolic Conditions in Equine Endurance Athletes" slated to take place at Vancouver Island University – Building 250 – Room 215 Nanaimo campus from 7 - 8:30 pm. Please note that if the University is still on strike, the talk will take place at the Broody Rooster Guesthouse and Gallery - 2980 Giovando Road, in Cedar. Check the VIU website to find out or call Nicole at 250-245-4405 or email at