Wednesday, May 18, 2011


OK everybody, help Tammy Mercer (our Prez) win a nice horse package for her essay. If you are on Facebook go to:!/photo.php?fbid=223442841000949&set=a.217381391607094.63170.152903214721579&type=1&theater and click on Tammy's picture (bottom left - she has a black horse) and click LIKE button.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giddy-Up Gogo - Volunteers

Hi all,

If you can't ride at this upcoming CTR perhaps you would like to come out and volunteer? We really appreciate people with horse skills helping out!

We need 2 or 3 drag riders (last horse out to follow the trail to make sure no one is injured or lost etc.). The drag riders would have to be competent trail riders with horses capable of riding up to 40 miles but slower than race pace.

We also need P&R crews etc.

We would need a firm commitment to time available and positions. Many people have offered pending their work schedules/camping schedules etc but we can't have people backing out last minute because they are called in to work.

Volunteers would need to be available on Friday June 10 at around 2pm for a volunteer orientation to get prepared for duties. Vet checks begin at 4pm.

Please email me if you can volunteer.